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Registration department in kerala Know more |

 Registration department in kerala

In India, Kerala has become the first state to provide various property-related services which are very transparent in its process. The registration department in Kerala offers many online services for encumbrance certificate, verification of e-stamp paper and document registration etc.

Encumbrance Certificate in Kerala

In Kerala, For the Property registration, The Encumbrance Certificate (EC) is a mandatory document. This document express that the legal complexities are completely free for the owner of the property.

We can get this EC online but the user has to submit the application in online and have to pay the appropriate charges, to download this EC certificate.

The below is the step-by-step procedure to get your EC Online:

Step 1: Go to Kerala Registration Portal

Step 2: In the top, there is a navigation menu, from there we have to Click ‘Certificates’ tab.

Step 3: In the dropdown menu of the certificates tab, we have to Click ‘Encumbrance Certificate’, from the follow-up menu, we have to select ‘Submit Application for EC’.




*Step 4: Kindly Fill all the required details in the Application and then make a online payment.

Guidelines for filling up the form

· Kindly Provide your active mobile number in the application to receive SMS.

· Please enter the applicant’s details in English only for online payment to secure the transaction ID and GRN generated which is used for checking the status.

· The Payment should not be refundable. So Please provide all details correctly, If any mistakes in the application then the department will not responsible for the incorrect/incomplete certificates.

· If you would like to get this certificate in priority, then we have to select the option ‘Wish to get Priority?’. For this option, You will need to pay double of the usual fee.

· By Default, this Certificates are generated in Malayalam. If we want this certificate to be in English, then we have to select the same in the ‘Needs Certificate’ field.

· Once the application has been submitted successfully, then they will informed us via SMS about the status of the application like generation or any issue of certificate. Once the certificate is ready, then we can view and download the certificate from ‘Your certificate is ready for download’ tab.

How to download/view EC online in Kerala?

The buyers can easily view and check the status of the EC by the service enabled on the official registration website of the Kerala.

To view the status of the EC, we have to follow the below step by step guidelines

Step 1: Go to Kerala Registration Portal

Step 2: select ‘View/Download Encumbrance Certificate Online’ by scrolling down on the web page.

Step 3: To View the EC, select the ‘View/Download Encumbrance Certificate Online’.

Step 4: Kindly Enter the transaction ID generated when online payment was confirmed.

Step 5: then select the ‘Check Status’ and view your EC.

How to do property registration in Kerala online?

Step 1: Go to Registration Department portal and select the ‘online applications’.




Step 2: kindly Create the new user login and generate a new token.

Step 3: check for the appropriate sub-registrar office, transaction type, district, taluk and then submit the necessary information.

Step 4: Provide the details about document, executant, claimant, etc.

Step 5: If the amount is less than Rs 1 lakh, the we have to Pay the stamp duty and registration fee through online.

Step 6: Once the payment is done, we have to confirm the payment by go to the registration portal again.

Step 7: From there we have to Download the e-stamp with a serial number and GRN number.

Step 8: To Schedule the time slot by select the ‘View Token’. Click on the Accept and Submit.

Step 9: You will get the summarized details here which you have entered in the application. Check thoroughly to eliminate errors. If No errors, then click on ‘Accept and Continue’. An acknowledgement slip will be generated online, which will show the details of the appointment and the sub-registrar’s office.

Step 10: For Registration, go the given sub-registrar’s office on the exact time and date mentioned in the acknowledgement slip and submit the related documents to the registrar along with the printout of the report.

The applicant will get the sale deed document once the registration is completely successfully.

Below is the List of required documents for property registration in Kerala

· Description of the property and Map plan

· Digital photograph of building or plot.

· Proof of the Owner

· Original Certified copy of old sale deed, assessment of MC or mutation agreements.

· Identify proof of both the parties: Ration card, voter ID, driving license, Aadhaar card or PAN card.

· No-objection certificate (NOC).

· Identity proof of two witnesses.


Stamp duty and registration fee in Kerala:

For document registration, where stamp duty exceeds Rs 1 lakh, we can make use of the e-stamps. The e-stamp should be available in the official website of the registration department of Kerala. The usage of the e-stamp is allowed by the kerala Government.

How to pay the registration fee and stamp duty charges in Kerala?

*Step 1: Go to Registration Department portal and search for the option ‘online applications’. Select that option. 


*Step 2: Kindly create the new user login and generate a new token.

*Step 3: Check for the appropriate sub-registrar office, transaction type, district, taluk and submit the information.

*Step 4: Provide the details about document, executant, claimant, etc.

*Step 5: If the stamp duty charges is more than Rs 1 lakh, then we have to select the mode e-stamp for the payment.

*Step 6: Check for the self-verification where the details has been entered correctly and submit the application for e-stamp.

*Step 7: From the top menu, we have to select for the online payment mode for the fee payment.

*Step 8: We have to select for the ‘Stamp duty + Registration fee’ and then proceed with the payment.

*Step 9: Check and Validate the phone number given in the application by submitting the OTP which we received.

*Step 10: OTP is used to Secure the transaction ID.

*Step 11: Once the payment is completed successfully, then go to the registration portal again and confirm the payment.

*Step 12: The system will prompt the details of the fee paid for the e-stamp, then select  ‘view details’ which is used to download the e-stamp.

*Step 13: Each e-stamp must be generated with a serial number and GRN on it. You can verify the e-stamp serial number from your website’s home page.

*Step 14: For physical document verification, we have to Schedule the time slot at the respective sub-registrar’s office

 How to check the details of the land records online in Kerala?

In kerala, we can check the details of the land and landowner and survey number through online via E-Rekha portal. It provides the transparency in land transactions, which helps the users to search for property details to verify landowners etc.

Step 1: Go to E-Rekha portal

Step 2: According to our requirements, we can choose any option to search about the details of the land through File search tab on the webpage.

Step 3: Select for the respective district, taluk, village and type of the document.

How to check the details of the land records online in Kerala?

Step 4: Provide the block number and survey number as per the document and click on the ‘Submit’ button

Step 5: The results and the Thumbnail preview of the document will be displayed on the next page.

Note: If you want to download the original document, then please select the Checkout button and you will need to create the new login ID to download the document, after paying a nominal fee successfully.

Step 6: Check and verify all the details and make a note of the transaction number for future communication with KLIM.

Step 7: Click on the “Pay button” which will directed us to the payment gateway for payment.

Step 8: Once the payment is done, then we can Click on Download page and save the requested document.

Document download fees

Type of record

Fee per page

Taluk map

Rs 1,000

District map

Rs 1,000

Litho map (old survey)

Rs 1,000

Block map (re-survey)

Rs 1,000

Measurement plan (old survey)

Rs 750

FMB resurvey

Rs 750

Land register

Rs 1,400

Settlement register (resurvey)

Rs 1,400

Correlation statement

Rs 1,000

Area list

Rs 550


How to download possession certificate online in Kerala?

To obtain the subsidy or housing loan on the property, the house owners can get the possession certificate. To download the documents, the applicant has to upload following documents online:

1. Aadhaar card

2. Land tax receipts

3. Proof of ownership of property

4. Encumbrance certificate

5. Voter ID card

Once the above said documents has been uploaded, Then applicant can get the possession certificate within seven working days from the date of submission of the application. 

How to search for Akshaya Centre on e-district?


Step 1: Go to Akshaya Kerala Portal and Select the Citizen Services.

Step 2: Select the E-district and search for ‘Possession Certificate

Step 3: Select the ‘Read more’ option and scroll down to get the ‘View Akshaya Centres’.

Step 4: Select the respective district and municipality to search for the centre 

 Kerala Registration Department contact details:

Official website

Official email-id

Phone Numbers

0471-2472118, 2472110

WhatsApp Number





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