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What is Aarogya Setu Mobile App

What is Aarogya Setu Mobile App

This article, i will tell about the mobile app Arogya Setu, i will also explain why you needed this mobile app, as well as how to download and use it from the Play Store.

Friends, i will also share some important things about the Arogya Setu Mobile App, how secure and full features of this app. Let us give you detailed information about this: –

Arogya Setu Mobile App Required?

Yes, Arogya Setu Mobile App was needed because Coronavirus outbreak is increasing everyday in the world.

To prevent this, the Government of India took a special step, the move provides a digital platform, with which a necessary and special application for the prevention of coronavirus has been designed, named ‘Arogya Setu’ mobile app. This is a government mobile app, the speed at which Coronavirus is spreading all over the world and Corona virus has spread in India too,

There are more than 3000 confirmed cases in India and more than 80 people have died due to this. Today, fighting this virus has become a challenge all over the world, the Government of India has adopted this digital platform to face this challenge.

What is Corona Virus?

Corona is a Virus, which spreads quickly. The virus is spread through contact with each other. The person affected by this virus experiences symptoms like shortness of breath, fever etc.

To avoid corona virus or Kovid-19, you should wash your hands regularly with soap and clean water.

If a person infected with COVID-19 is particular or peeved, then very fine particles in the sputum are released into the air, these particles contain the coronavirus virus, which is why we should wear masks during all these activities.

Whenever we go out, do not touch the face and ears again and again because these viral particles enter your body through your breath.

Around 1100000 people have fallen prey to it all over the world and 64000 people have died, this figure is increasing daily.

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What is Arogya Setu Mobile App

Friends, this is an Android mobile app launched by the Government of India. It is a digital platform to track the location of coronavirus infected people.

People will not come in contact with infected people through this platform. By filling some basic information through this mobile app, you will be able to know about the number of infected people in their vicinity and their area of ​​influence.

To prevent the spread of coronavirus infection through this mobile, we have removed this technology for the government to monitor those people through this technology. Through this technology, the movement of Kovid-19 infected people is also monitored. Can be kept.

Arogya Setu Mobile App Basic Information

Updated – April 2, 2020
Size – 3.6M
Installs – 10,000,000+
Current Version – 1.0.1
Requires Android – 6.0 and up
Content Rating – Rated for 3+
Offered by – NIC eGov Mobile Apps
How to use Arogya Setu Mobile App

Friends, we will give you detailed information about how to download and use Arogya Setu Mobile App, you can learn it step by step. as written below: –

For this mobile app, you have to first search the Arogya Setu in the Play Store, keep in mind that there is no space between Arogya and Setu, you will find this mobile app in the search engine very easily.

Download it by clicking on the install button and its size is approximately 2.4 MB.

After opening this mobile app, you will have the option to choose the language, in which you can choose your favorite language, after choosing the language, a new page will open in front of you, in which there will be some information, read it and click on the Register Now button.

In the process of register, you have to enter your mobile number, after that an OPT will come on your mobile number, which you will fill in the column containing the OPT, after which your mobile number will be verified.

After the mobile number is verified, a new page will open in front of you, in which your name will inquire about your money, age and travel abroad during the last 30 days, fill this form with great attention.

Bluetooth and GPS data will be required to run this app. This mobile app will also require your location data to work, do not be afraid of it, this is a completely safe and necessary step.

After this you can protect yourself and monitor your surroundings through this mobile app, now this mobile app is ready for you to use.

How does the surrounding danger appear

In this app, the threat from coronavirus appears in two colors, green and yellow, which shows the level of your risk in different angles and also suggests that you are safe and that there is no danger for you. Social distancing will need to be maintained.

Arogya Setu Mobile App

In this mobile app, green signal ensures safe area and yellow color ensures unsafe and more risky area. If a yellow signal is found, you can contact the helpline.

How to measure yourself

You can do your assessment using the Self Assessment Test feature on the Arogya Setu app. You click in it and then answer some questions related to your symptoms through your chat window and tell all the symptoms correctly, this will complete your self assessment test. This will let you know whether you are positive or negative from coronavirus.

Arogya Setu Mobile App

Important points of privacy of Arogya Setu Mobile App

This mobile is designed by the Government of India through Public Private Partnership.
This app can be used via Bluetooth and GPS.
If it is mobile, any person has installed it around you, then with the help of GPS location, we can find out if there is any danger of its contact.
There are 11 languages ​​present in this mobile app. People can use this language according to their own.
In this, information about updates related to the corona virus is kept continuously.
30 million people have downloaded this mobile app so far.
Friends, the information given about the Arogya Setu mobile app is important and necessary for you, I hope that you will take advantage of this information and also make the people around you aware, colleagues, in this campaign



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